VisitEngland Inspection

Our annual VisitEngland inspection took place in February 2022.  We were delighted to show off all of the upgrades we have completed this year!

The inspector was very impressed with the makeovers in Rose and Honeysuckle bedrooms and thrilled with the new carpets we have installed in other properties.

The makeovers in Jacobswell House and Chaff House living rooms were really well received too. 

The highlight of the inspection for us was the overwhelming positivity in respect of housekeeping standards throughout all of our cottages. We were delighted to receive the following amazing comments in our visit report:

  • “Simply excellent attention to detail regards the cleanliness and housekeeping standards”
  • “Sparkling surfaces, pristine bedding and no evidence of previous occupation, providing a ‘just like new’ finish for each arriving guest”
  • “Well maintained with commendable year on year investment”
  • “Immaculate – exceeds expectations”

Our guests comment again and again about our high cleaning standards and we are thrilled that this is acknowledged by our VisitEngland inspection every visit too.  Of course we have our hard working and dedicated Housekeeping team to thank for all of their hard work – they are amazing!

The inspector found great reviews when looking in our guest books – and many more online too. You can view lots of lovely reviews under each property on our website, on Google or TripAdvisor.

At the end of the inspection we were delighted to retain our 4* –  5* Gold status for another year

We look forward to welcoming guests to Burradon Farm – you can check availability and book online here!