The Loop

There are loads of great waggonways to explore in the area, but the most popular walk is what we affectionately call ‘the loop’.  The loop is a 20 – 30 minute circular walk straight from your cottage door! 

The loop is perfect for a morning or evening stroll, a quick walk with the dog or to wear out the kids at the end of the day.

The route starts from your front door and past the ancient Pele Tower located at the bottom of the cottage site.  Head up the lonnen – the country road leading from the farm towards the surrounding fields.

At the crossroads follow the path to the right, up and over the reclaimed pit heap known as Burradon Colliery.  Don’t forget to stop at the top and take in the lovely views towards the sea.  You can see the windmills located off the coast as well as St Mary’s Lighthouse at Whitley Bay. 

Burradon Colliery pit heap has been reclaimed and is now a wild green space complete with pond.  Keep an eye out for the resident swans, ducks and other wildlife (including fishermen!). 

Stay on the path past the pond to the other side of the pit heap and keep right. Follow the road along the hedge line past a terrace of houses until you see a narrow alleyway. There are playing fields on the left and hedges on the right – this will lead you all the way to the entrance of the farm.

Turn right again and take the road towards the farm – you are now back home again, just in time for a well earned cuppa!

The loop follows public footpaths/walkways and is well marked.  Pushchairs may find it a little bumpy, but it is perfect for walkers, runners and cyclists to enjoy!

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