Cute Calves

It’s been a busy calving season at Burradon Farm and we have some amazingly cute calves to show for it!  

Calving started at the end of March and we still have a few more mums-to-be in waiting.  It’s been an exciting time with two sets of twins born on the same day and a steady stream of new arrivals.  

All of the mothers are thrilled to get out of the shed where they have spent the winter months.  They are enjoying being out in the fields with their newborns, who are also thriving in the fresh air.

The footpaths through the farm are busy with walkers who are delighted to see the cute calves while taking their daily exercise.  It is certainly something to put a smile on everyone’s faces at this difficult time. 

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more pictures of our new arrivals!